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Self-determined travel for seniors, people with disabilities and families

The OK:GO Initiative is intended for people with limited mobility. People with disabilities, senior citizens, families with small children and many others.

Traveling involves a lot of preparation, particularly for people with limited mobility. The information which is required for planning is often lacking. The presence of the OK:GO emblem on a website means that accessibility information is available for this offering. If you click on the OK:GO emblem, then a new window will open in your browser with all the accessibility information for the tourist facility. It covers the accessibility information for the tourist location.

The additional benefit of OK:GO

  • The information is objective and has no subjective evaluations. Each traveler can therefore decide whether an offering is accessible for him/her or not.

  • The accessibility criteria have been developed in collaboration with disability organizations such as Pro Infirmis.

  • OK:GO aims to become an industry standard in the tourism sector in the years to come: every tourism provider can and should get involved!

  • If you are planning a trip, look for the OK:GO emblem in order to get information about the accessibility of tourist offerings with a single click!

Wheelchair user in zoo

Examples of implementations of the Initiative

Curious about how the implementation of the OK:GO Initiative looks like? Here are some examples. Look for the OK:GO logo on the particular website and click on it! 

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