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Are you wondering how accessible Switzerland really is? With the filter in the upper left corner, you can now filter completely entered offers. This allows travelers with mobility restrictions to plan trips in the best possible way and find accommodations, restaurants or other activities depending on their needs.

You want even more? We have supplemented the self-declared entries with the audited entries from Pro Infirmis. 

Would you like to join the Initiative and easily publish your accessibility information? 

Voices on the initiative

“Since people with a disability often find it difficult to get by in public and are reliant on clear information in advance, a uniform presentation of the access information of the tourist services is very important. St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourism is committed to a barrier-free region and supports the OK:GO initiative in presenting the necessary information clearly and understandably.”
Jeanne Müller, Employee at St.Gallen-Bodensee Tourism
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