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OK:GO and Swisstainable

Businesses participating in OK:GO will receive a credential for the Swisstainable programme. This credential, when combined with another credential, makes it possible to achieve Level II – engaged.

About Swisstainable

The Swisstainable programme focuses on the sustainable development of the entire tourism industry. All tourism and tourism-related service providers in Switzerland can participate. It does not matter whether they already have some experience in sustainable development or whether they are dealing with the topic of sustainability in depth for the first time.

Logo sustainability programme Swisstainable

OK:GO is recognised by Swisstainable as an official sustainability credential at Level II in combination. This means that if you have an OK:GO certificate, you will be ranked by Swisstainable at Level II – engaged, provided that you can combine it with another credential.


As soon as you have completed and published your OK:GO entry, we will be happy to issue you with a verification document, which, when combined with another credential of sustainability, will qualify you for Level II – engaged at Swisstainable. You can send the link to your website on which the OK:GO emblem appears to

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