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Schützen AG makes accessible information public with OK:GO

Sustainability is deeply anchored in the values of Schützen AG in Rheinfelden. Since its foundation in 1982, the company’s activities have been geared towards economic efficiency, environmental protection and social responsibility. By participating in the OK:GO initiative, Hotel Schützen is now taking a further step in the area of social engagement.

Schützen Rheinfelden AG employs 388 people and is divided into two business areas – the clinic and the hotel. Hotel Schützen in Rheinfelden has also been supporting projects with a social and cultural character for many years, thus anchoring the idea of social responsibility in their company.

Since the end of 2021, Hotel Schützen, Hotel Eden and Hotel Schiff have been part of the OK:GO initiative and publish the accessibility information on their websites for people with limited mobility. “It is a small but important contribution to make it easier for people to participate in social life,” says Jana Hueber, Head of Hotel Marketing. The data was collected and made available to the public quickly. “We split the collection of data between several employees in our business. This meant that we could measure possible obstacles and enter this information very quickly,” says Hueber.

“In our business, we see it as our responsibility to work on sustainability and inclusion, and to lead by example. By participating in projects such as OK:GO, we are always questioning ourselves and are given the opportunity to develop further.” Jana Hueber, Head of Hotel Marketing, Hotel Schützen Rheinfelden

Hotel Schützen publishes the completely recorded accessibility information on the website. You can open the OK:GO entry under Anreise und Lageplan (Directions & Map) with just one click. Thanks to this objective and non-judgmental information, it is possible for people with limited mobility – whether they are senior citizens, families with strollers or people with disabilities – to plan their stay in the best possible way.

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