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OK:GO at the "Schweizer Ferientag" in Arosa

In mid-April, Arosa hosted the largest and most important industry event in tourism: the "Schweizer Ferientag". OK:GO was right in the thick of it: Carol Muggli, Managing Director of FVBS, introduced the OK:GO initiative to the participants in two breakout sessions.

The breakout session was actually due to take place at the event in 2020. Unfortunately, this was canceled due to Covid-19. However: thankfully, postponed does not mean canceled. We were all the happier to present the OK:GO initiative, which has definitely gathered pace since 2020, at the "Schweizer Ferientag" in April 2022. In two 45-minute breakout sessions, the OK:GO team familiarized tourism industry representatives with the initiative. After a presentation about the initiative, the audience were able to get involved themselves. In small groups, they spent ten minutes measuring rooms in the Valsana Hotel in Arosa. This gave them the chance to get to know the technical platform behind OK:GO and they immediately realized how easy it can be to document accessibility information.

But OK:GO wasn’t just a feature in the presentations at the Ferientag: our partner, Lindt Home of Chocolate, arranged for Arosa to be unceremoniously inundated with chocolate. The aim of this activity? We wanted to make the initiative for tourism even more tangible by offering tempting treats which were not very easy to open because the end of the chocolate wrapper was tied up tightly.

The idea was to promote understanding for people with limited mobility. These people often rely on being able to plan trips and activities in advance. Otherwise, they are just like us with this tricky chocolate: you may want to go to this great restaurant but when you get there, you are hit with disappointment – you cannot enter without assistance because the way in is obstructed (with steps, for instance).

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