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Accessibility data in the mountains? OK:GO shows how

It’s up and away with OK:GO - and we mean that literally. The nice thing about the OK:GO initiative: Thanks to the technical platform, all tourism service providers can publish their accessibility data and thus contribute to more inclusion – including mountain cableways. Three of them are showing that the OK:GO initiative also works wonderfully at more than 1,500 meters above the sea.

Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg

Since spring 2022, Brunni-Bahnen in Engelberg have been publishing their accessibility data. They do this not only for the Engelberg-Ristis cableway, but also for two mountain restaurants. Because the aim is: To make the stay on the mountain convenient for all guests.

In order to also pass this information on to guests, Brunni-Bahnen in Engelberg have integrated the OK:GO emblem into their website in several places. For a start, in the footer at the end of the page, under the information for arrival and timetable, on the detail page of the Ristis mountain lodge and of the OX family restaurant. In addition, Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg have created an overview site on the subject of barrier-free travel, which provides all three links once again with further information.

"Brunni-Bahnen in Engelberg are joining in with the OK:GO initiative, because we want to make the world of the mountains accessible to everyone and to not exclude anyone. Thanks to the OK:GO platform, planning and therefore access to the area is already becoming easier." Adrian Veersteg, Marketing Manager, Brunni-Bahnen Engelberg

Monte Tamaro, Rivera-Monteceneri

Everyone should experience excitement and entertainment on Monte Tamaro. The team of Monte Tamaro recorded and published the accessibility data of several POIs (points of interest) at the same time. On the one hand, the valley station and the gondola cableway. Information on accessibility is communicated to the guest in the same way as the prices and opening times and is additionally linked in the footer. On the other, the restaurant Alpe Foppa and the church Santa Maria degli Angeli were also included. Here too, the accessibility information is communicated to the guests on the respective details pages.

"The subjects of inclusion and accessibility are important to us - not only at present but also for our future projects. With OK:GO we have found a partner who helps us to better communicate the efforts that we have made." Katarina Jaks, Monte Tamaro

Niesenbahn, Mülenen

Niesenbahn AG has been a valuable partner of OK:GO from (almost) the very beginning and provided important input for the further development of the technical platform behind the initiative. In order to give visitors a comprehensive overview of accessibility, Niesenbahn AG included the whole valley station, the transport cabin and the summit platform. In addition, a separate OK:GO entry was created for the Berghaus Niesen Kulm, which shows the accessibility information of the restaurant, the seminar rooms and the mountain lodge rooms.

The accessibility information is publicly available for all users at

What Niesenbahn AG is successfully demonstrating: In addition to the accessibility information stored in the app, it is possible to communicate even more information to the guests on the website:

How many wheelchairs can be transported per trip?

What are conditions like on the way between the station and the restaurant?

This enables users to get a quick overview of the most important information and gives Niesenbahn AG the opportunity to add to the data that is already entered in the technical platform.

"Everybody should have the possibility to have a peak experience and the feeling of being ‘at the top’. Regardless of limitations. The OK:GO initiative supports precisely this and that is why NIESENBAHN AG is part of this initiative." Nicolas Overney, Niesenbahn AG

We are always on the lookout for successful examples. Because to allow everyone to experience even more of Switzerland we need to work together. Do you think you have a good model example to tell us about? Write to us.

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