Entering and publishing accessibility information

OK:GO is aimed at all tourism service providers in Switzerland - from fully wheelchair-accessible mountain railways all the way through to hotels protected by the Swiss Heritage Society. Every business is welcome!

1. Creating an entry

Enter the accessibility information of your tourism business using the entry creation tool (ginto app). To do this, scan the QR code with your smartphone or download the ginto app from the App or Google Play store and start creating your entry.



2. Publishing your entry

Once you have collected the accessibility information using the ginto app, you must publish the information. Generate the link in the registration tool and insert it on your website in a clearly visible place with the OK:GO emblem. Why is this step extremely important?


  • People with restricted mobility very often obtain information directly from the website of the individual service provider

  • This is the only way the information can be accessed by all users

  • The OK:GO emblem serves as a recognition value for people with restricted mobility


We recommend placing the emblem on the website under Contact or Directions. Please use the emblem including text (see below). If you decide to place only the emblem to your website, add a short text to the emblem that draws attention to the accessibility information.



Terms and Conditions

OK:GO partners commit to fulfilling the terms and conditions of OK:GO: 

  • They enter the accessibility information of their offering in the recording tool.

  • They complete all the mandatory fields in the recording tool.

  • Using the OK:GO logo and the link to the accessibility information, they publish the recorded data on their website.

  • They update the accessibility information when necessary.